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Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often involve comprehensive caregiver training and support. Caregiver training encompasses education and advice about the health condition, relevant strategies, and tasks crucial for the rehabilitation process. It can be delivered individually or in group sessions by members of the rehabilitation team.

The goal is to provide appropriate care to the person with autism while also preventing the development of health issues among caregivers themselves. This support can be provided through various means, including the provision of information, resources, individual counselling, support groups, and caregiver-to-caregiver support, including respite care and emergency plans. Advice and support should also be provided in obtaining practical support and planning for future care of individuals with autism. Education and advice for caregivers, as well as caregivers-mediated interventions, should. 

For caregivers dealing with children and adolescents with developmental disorders, including ASD, caregiver skills training is crucial. This training involves managing various aspects of care, covering various aspects such as regulating emotions, personal and social support, adaptive behaviour, sexual functions and intimate relationships, control of voluntary movement, learning and applying knowledge, and play, especially for individuals with intellectual disabilities and pervasive developmental disorders. Specific interventions include for example the recognition of the impact of living with or caring for a person with ASD and associated challenges; the access to advocacy, for example by educating caregivers on accessing family advocacy resources to empower them in navigating support systems; encourage participation in family support and information groups, especially if there is a risk of challenging behaviours, as well as identify and discuss locally available support for families and caregivers, tailoring information, advice, training, and support based on their specific needs and preferences; recommend formal support through disability-specific groups, ensuring regular assessment of the extent and severity of challenging behaviours; provide caregivers with skills training and emotional support, enabling them to actively participate in and support interventions for the person with ASD and challenging behaviours.

Carer and Family Support
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Family members and carers of young children and adults with ASD

Additionally, parent training programs are vital components of ASD interventions. These programs should ensure accessibility, with sessions held outside normal working hours or in community settings with childcare facilities and focus on communication and social skills, like emphasize the development of communication and social functioning skills in individuals with ASD. Typically, the sessions consist of 8 to 12 sessions lasting 90 minutes each, following a relevant treatment manual and using all necessary materials to ensure consistent implementation of the program.


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